Goodness Gracious

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Goodness Gracious is a grass roots campaign, which started in Melbourne in 2018, focused on promoting goodness to spread joy, abundance and hope throughout the world. Our mission is to change the fabric of the world one sprinkle of goodness at a time.

The campaign is about connecting people and communities to make the world a better place. To replace negativity, powerlessness and isolation with feelings of joy, abundance, hope! Acts of goodness are great for everyone and particularly for those in need. We all need extra support at some stage of our lives. When we feel abundant it’s great to share and when we need support it wonderful to receive.

Why a campaign?

A campaign helps to shine a light on goodness and encourages us to actively look for opportunities to share our goodness & generosity. With a focus on goodness we think of others more which ultimately leads to a healthier and happier society.

So how does it work?

Click here to watch our Goodness Gracious video.

So what is Goodness Gracious?
Goodness Gracious video

You can sprinkle goodness by handing someone a card/envelope, usually accompanied by a gift of some sort. We recommend carrying cards with you to hand out when you feel inspired or see someone in need. Following your intuition is usually the best way. The envelopes make it easier to include money, a written note, voucher or small object as a gift.

We would love you to become a Goodness Gracious Advocate. Cards and envelopes are free for as long as we can support this. Order your cards via messenger on our facebook page or our contact page on this website or via email:

Some Goodness Gracious suggestions:

· Buy someone a coffee

· Fill up a strangers parking meter

· Shout a struggling person a meal

· Donate to a charity

· Get a stranger into an airport lounge with your membership (if you are lucky enough to have one)

· Donate arm warmers to patients of radiotherapy clinics (keeps arms warm in cold room)

· Donate magazines to a hospital or surgery waiting room

· Give someone your car park in shopping centre

· Write a nice letter

· Give someone some flowers

· Make and give a handmade gift

· Make and donate a care package

· Blanket and or socks for the homeless

· Make some artwork for someone

· Buy bag pet food and donate to local animal shelter

· Hide a kind note in a library book for someone to find

· Leave some cash and a card in someone’s letterbox

· Contribute towards school fees for a family in need

· Mow someone’s nature strip

· Visit a nursing home

· Make a meal for your neighbour