Aim of Website

The aim is to inspire you to feel more empowered, vibrant and peaceful, especially if you are living with cancer or any type of debilitating illness. It includes practical tools and information to support your mind, body and soul on your wellness journey!

I believe passionately from personal experience that what you believe, think, say, eat and do has a major role in determining the quality of your life.

The exciting news, despite your diagnosis or challenge, it is possible to greatly improve life, even turn your life around, with relatively small changes.

This website is a platform for sharing and for connecting people, ideas, information and for telling inspiring stories.

You will also find information here about upcoming events and support groups.

Since my cancer journey I have become passionate about helping others enjoy life more, overcome fear and stress and appreciate the great things in life.

I believe focusing on what we have and not what we think is missing, is an important pillar of happiness.

My hope is these pages will remind you of how precious, exciting and wonderful life is. Sometimes we need all need reminding!

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