The High Vibes Club - HVC

Can you really live a joyful life and find gratitude when diagnosed with stage 4 cancer or any disease? No way I hear you say, cancer sucks! Yes it sucks but the short answer is a resounding 'yes'. You can live a joyful life while navigating cancer or any debilitating illness. It may be messy at times but it could also be the greatest journey of your life.
This page is dedicated to sharing information and practices to help anyone living with illness and disease (particularly advanced cancer) to live their best life. We want to help you or a loved one transition from fear and despair to a place of love, joy, wonder and empowerment.

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We are excited to launch The High Vibes Club (HVC) and Community. It's a new initiative aiming to provide support for anyone living with cancer or any debilitating illness. It's about living your best life now, no matter what your circumstances. In the HVC we focus on positive and powerful techniques and material to help you move out of fear and worry into feelings of joy, love, and gratitude. There is so much stress and fear associated with cancer and illness. We often need to work a little harder to reconnect with joy, love and gratitude. The limited video series includes easy to digest information and tips. Most videos run for 5-10 minutes. We hope you enjoy them.

HVC Episode 1 - Introduction to the HVC

A private Facebook Page has been set up to support anyone navigating a cancer journey or debilitating illness. Family members, friends and carers welcome. Link below. :)