My Story

Cancer has made me more passionate than ever about living life to the fullest.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2015. The surgeon said I was 'lucky' because "we got it early". It was 2.2cm. Little did I know that the cancer had metastised to my bones and was classified as stage 4! How quickly my outlook on life changed.

I could not believe I would die in my 40s when there was still so much I wanted to do! A few days after my diagnosis I received a call about a new trial run by Peter Mac Hospital. It involved immune boosting therapy and high dose radiotherapy.

After a nervous few months I was accepted on the trial. Three months' later the cancer was all gone!

It is difficult to put into words how amazing it felt to have a second chance at life. A chance to really live fully and make every moment count.

During the trial I was determined to be as healthy as possible. I went to seminars and conferences on health and healing and learnt so much. I focused on a healthy diet, meditation, did lots of positive visualisation, and even had reiki and crystal bed healing sessions. I met some amazing people and remain super grateful for everyone who helped me along the way. While I experienced pockets of intense fear, I felt supported, loved and positive throughout my journey and had a 'knowing' that it was not my time to go. I felt that somehow I would beat cancer.

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While I knew the risk of cancer returning was high I was surprised and devastated that it reappeared two years after completion of the trial, in the same spot as the original cancer. After some surgery, time off work to rest and recover, I was cancer free again!

A couple of years later and it is back again. I really thought I was done with cancer forever so you can imagine how devastated I felt when I heard the news following a routine scan. The treatment this time has been particularly grueling both physically and mentally. I went into my cocoon for a few months, at times feeling angry, sorry for myself, powerless, and very fearful. I soon realised I need to live my best life now. I cannot wait until I am healed to enjoy life again. Slowly I started putting some simple daily practices in place to help me feel calm, centered, empowered and energised. It has made a huge difference to my quality outlook on life.

My focus while living with cancer is to...

Live a life filled with joy, love, growth, hope, creativity and fun. I chose to do thing that make me feel empowered and tap into spiritually guidance daily.

I am constantly amazed by the human body and its ability to heal. I continue supporting my body, mind and soul with meditation, energy work, positive visualization, essential oils, exercise and diet. Some days are tough especially following treatment. There is no getting around it...pain sucks big time and healing can be messy! During these moments I just remind myself I need to ride the waves and weather the storm. Most of the time I feel blessed, super grateful and excited about the future. My daily practices keep me on track.

I am inspired to share my insights and resources from the last seven plus years with you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, I hope this website can inspire and support you to live your best life no matter what you are dealing with. May the daily practices and tips bring you joy and peace.

Sending love and support your way.


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