I still get caught up in trivial every day stuff but try to remember one or more of these ‘guidelines’ on a daily basis:

  1. Be grateful. If I focus on what I have instead of what I want, then I feel instantly happier
  2. The body has an amazing ability to heal. It needsgood food, exercise, clean water, fresh air, and plenty of rest.
  3. No more conditional happiness. I am happy now.
  4. Don’t focus too much on material possessions.
  5. No more sleep walking through life.
  6. Do the things that scare me. That is usually when the magic happens.
  7. Help others in need.
  8. Learn to forgive.
  9. Spend lots of time in nature. It supports healing and helps with perspective.
  10. Use it or lose it! Exercise and stretch each day.
  11. Try to see the true essence and beauty of everyone I meet.
  12. Have more fun!