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Steps to Wellbeing & Fulfilment

In her first article Sue Ryan outlines her eight, seemingly simple, but powerful steps to Wellbeing & Fulfilment.

Sue Ryan Healthy Connections4 Life

Written by Sue Ryan

Through education, self practice and a lifetime of reflection Sue has defined 8 steps for wellbeing and fulfilment. Sue recommends really focusing on one of the eight each day for an entire month. Finding some quiet time each day will allow you to really connect with the topic and integrate a new practice into your life.

  • Connect to our Higher Power - it could be via meditation, breath, prayer, nature, conversations with God. Creates inner peace, calm, love, sense of oneness.
  • Self Love - by showing compassion, kindness and forgiveness to self, mirror work, self care. It creates worthiness, loving relationships, non-judgement, self-respect, freedom.
  • Be Love - by showing compassion, kindness and respect, forgiveness, empathy, genuine affection, acceptance. This creates warm-heartedness, joy, sense of belonging, happiness, abundance, generosity and connection.
  • Become aware of your thoughts - by catching the thoughts in your mind, esp fearful thoughts, identifying the inner critic, setting intentions. “We are what we think.” It creates optimism, consciousness, positivity, vision, peace.
  • Be present and living in the moment - with practice of mindfulness, stillness, focus. It creates a sense of gratitude, beauty, calm, gratitude.
  • Surrender into the flow - through trusting and letting go of control - relax and release. Creates joy, confidence, aliveness, freedom, security, fearlessness.
  • Be grateful for EVERYTHING - it could be with a gratitude diary, gratitude rock, saying thank you for the good times and the challenging times, awareness. It creates abundance, enthusiasm, happiness, love.
  • Keeping a high vibration/energy levels - it could be through exercise, movement, fun, laughter, dance, energy work. This creates joy, aliveness, youthfulness, radiant health, enthusiasm

About this author...

Sue has been dedicated to a lifetime of learning. She has counted 200+ courses! Sue’s ability to connect with people led her to working in the travel, HR and training sectors, and more recently, caregiving to the aged. Her driving force has always been to make a difference. In retirement she has found a love of writing and her need to share the knowledge that she has acquired. Sue is also my aunt, a mother of two adult children and gorgeous twin girls Lily and Luna.

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."
Anton Chekhov