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Chris gave up sugar

It's amazing how addictive sugar is. Check out my cousin Chris before and after he gave up sugar. He looks amazing. We share tips to help you to cut down or quit sugar.

I saw my cousin Chris Ryan at a family gathering recently and was amazed by his transformation. I had not seen him for a few months and WOW he looked like a different person. Younger, stronger fitter, healthier & happier. What is his secret… what did he do? I was super keen to find out. Was it a fasting diet? A water diet? The lemon detox, Ketogenic, Paleo diet, cabbage soup, Atkins, dukan diet, baby food diet?

No none of the above. In September 2018, Chris stopped eating sugar. He was inspired by ‘Good Sugar Bad Sugar ’ by Allen Carr. He didn’t have cake at his mum’s birthday celebration and he kept going from there. He was addicted to sugar and could eat an entire packet of ice-creams in one sitting and often did. Once Chris stopped eating sugar, his craving for junk food stopped as well. His weight dropped from 98kg to 78kg in just few months. His family said he was too skinny so he started exercising and his weigh increased to 82kg. The same weight he was when playing football at 17 years of age. The sugar free Chris has more energy, a more positive outlook on life and has started exercising again. He has lost and kept off around 16kg. More importantly, he has more energy and enthusiasm for life.

I am totally inspired by Chris and his new found energy and attitude. He encourages everyone to try it. After reading, ‘Good Sugar Bad Sugar’ Chris summarised some key points: ‘Never start healthy living to look better, that will never happen. We humans are never happy with the way we look. We lose interest and give up. Rather, do it to feel better because feelings don’t lie. You will look better. That is just one of the many benefits of feeling better. It’s like having a shower, we don’t have a shower to get wet but that is what happens when we wash ourselves’. So true.

Sugar is highly addictive and tough to give up. It unfortunately appears in most processed food. If you have watched ‘That Sugar Film’ you will know exactly how prevalent sugar is and how damaging it can be.

I had a hypnotherapy session last week to reduce my sugar cravings. A week has gone by and no cravings so far. I have a packet of choc tops in my freezer and have zero interest in eating them. Now, that is a first. Amazing! Usually the packet would be very empty by now! Early days for my sugar quitting but a good sign so far. Thank you Chris and Jennifer (my hypnotherapist). I feel really inspired and motivated to say ‘sayonara’ to sugar or to at least cut down significantly! If you are having trouble with sugar, below are a few suggestions to help you quit:

*Watch ‘The Sugar Movie’. It will open your eyes! 

*Read ‘Good Sugar Bad Sugar’ by Allen Carr 

*Go cold turkey. A naturopath told me a few years ago that the sugar cravings lessen after four days. The first four days can be tough 

*Don’t keep any sweets in the house (you are more likely to eat them in a moment of weakness) 

*Drink lots of water 

*Check labels on food and avoid sugar 

*Avoid or reduced processed food 

*Have a hypnotherapy session to help with cravings/ addictions 

*Avoid the sugar aisles in the supermarket 

*Drink coconut water when you have a craving 

*Herbal tea can help as well 

*Grab some fruit or a vegetables to snack on if you feel hungry 

*Let your friends and family know you are trying cut down so they don’t offer you cakes, donuts and chocolates! 

*Get the entire household on board. Much easier if you are all committed to avoiding sugar.