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How to get your mojo back...

Simple techniques to help you feel balanced and energised.

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Written by Kerry Duncan

We have all experienced times in our lives when we have lost our way, our energy, confidence and perhaps motivation.  We no longer feel on top of our game and perhaps feel anxious and  overwhelmed.  Not hard to do if you work too hard and juggle too much, worry about bills, eat the wrong food and try to keep everyone else happy and that's before midday on Monday! 

If you find yourself suffering from anxiety and overwhelm it's really important to have some go to techniques to get your mojo back.  What can you do to feel balance and energised again? Some of my tried and tested techniques are below.  

  • Deep breathing. This so simple and effective that we often forget to do it. Take time to breathe deeply and your body will start to relax. Breathe in for the count of four, hold for four and release for four.
  • Exercise is the best. I love going for a walk along the beach - problems seem to fade away. Your thing might be running, bike riding, walking, stretching. Anything to get your body moving is good.
  • Check your posture. Simply sitting up straight helps with breathing and makes you feel stronger.  It's hard to feel energized when you are slumped over a desk or slouching in a chair.
  • Spend time in nature and get some fresh air into your lungs.
  • Listen to music.  Music is a great tool to help uplift and transform your mood.  Perhaps you can create a playlist with your favourite music?
  • Perspective…ask yourself ‘Will this issue matter in three days, 3 months or three years’ time?'
  • Speak to a friend or family member – sharing usually helps.
  • Break it down….This is one of the best pieces of advice I overheard at work many years ago. Stress can happen when we load one problem on top of another problem over and over again until we feel totally overwhelmed. When you pull issues apart we discover they are usually easy to resolve, and a sense of control and lightness can be restored. 
  • Take a holiday and take some time for yourself
  • Focus on getting a good nights sleep  - lots of rest can help.
  • Have a laugh. There are so many benefits to laughing. Watch a funny movie or listen to a comedy podcast. Funny friends are definitely under-rated! Make silliness a part of your day.
  • Have a technology free day. Scary I know but switch off everything. It can be sooo liberating and helps you to reconnect with you.
  • Keep a journal – it’s a great way to express the stuff that is stressing you out. Writing it them down somehow seems to free you from the burden.
  • Have a creative outlet – do something you love. Have you noticed how time disappears when you are absorbed in something you love doing. Painting, drawing, scribbling, reading, gardening, surfing, dancing, singing, writing, photography... I think it's really important to find your thing.
  • Tapping or emotional freedom technique (link here for instructions).  I know this may seem silly at first but tapping is an acupressure technique that can help promote health and wellbeing. Many people swear by this practice and I have found it helpful for reducing stress and for promoting a sense of peace and calm. There are many versions online. I found this demonstration by Nick Ortner really useful.

Healthy Connections 4 Life Kerry Duncan Jumpingforjoy