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Favourite Meditations

Meditation and mindfulness can help to improve your mood and sense of wellbeing.

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Written by Kerry Duncan

Meditation and particularly mindfulness can help to boost memory, treat depression and slow the aging process. Building a mindful muscle helps our bodies and brains stay healthier, younger and more resilient to stress. How good is that? Some recommended links can be found below.

Simply Being Mediation app for relaxation and presence I used this for many months as an introduction to guided mediation. It’s great. You can choose the volume of the voice and background music and time of the mediation to suit you. Link to Simply Being

Insight Timer includes loads of free meditations. It's a fantastic resource.I highly recommend it. You can select a meditation based on a theme and duration. Insight Timer link

Joan Borysenko on Hayhouse Radio – 25 minute practice (need to skip a few minutes of ads at the beginning). A long meditation but I feel wonderful after this one. Helps you feel grounded and totally connected again.Hay House meditation

Live the Life You Love website – This has 10 guided meditations and most of them are great.10 best guided meditations

Other meditations apps - Buddhify, 1 Giant Mind and Smiling Mind